Meet Shuji // Kimokura.


Name Shuji // Kimokura Age 16 ( 31.01.2002 ) From Central Europe Interests Literature, kpop and games


Hi there !! I'm Shuji, known as Kimokura if you know my YouTube. I'm a 16 year old artist / writer / editor, meaning I like to be creative. I'm currently in a poly relationship with my boyfriend, Sebastian, and my girlfriend, Cat !! I also like to be part of musicals, so sometimes I'm part of my local theatre.

My favourite characters are Dazai Osamu ( BSD ), Joseph Oda ( TEW ) and Akechi Goro ( P5 ), if you love detectives, please talk to me omg.

My favourite k-pop groups are Vixx and BTS. I'm not a hardcore K-popper, but I'm very passionate about these two groups !! My bias from BTS is Jungkook and from Vixx it is Ken ;v;